Image: AH-woodflooring.jpgDon’t Get Bamboozled,
Local Hardwood Floors are more Sustainable!

While bamboo flooring has gotten a lot of “hype” in recent years, there are many reasons to go with local hardwood floors from True North Woods members.

1. Bamboo is shipped from ten thousand miles away. The carbon emissions are massive.

2. Hardwoods in our Northern Forests are Climate Friendly. They take carbon from the air as they grow, and solid wood stores carbon for decades, or even centuries!

3. Hardwood Floors are Built to Last.  While bamboo sellers make a lot of claims, you know that there are quality hardwood floors in our Northern region that have been walked on, and spilled on, and so forth for hundreds of years. Solid hardwood floors are there for the long-haul.  What is more sustainable than that?  

4. Support Family Forest Owners!  A large part of the woodlands in are owned by small family forest owners in the region.  Only 4% of the region’s forest are “old growth”, which is mostly in parks or other protection.  Timber from our states comes largely from small and medium lands owned by families that has been harvested on-and-off for generations.

5. Harvesting quality hardwoods is an incentive to keep land in forest. We all know places where forests have been cleared off for housing or other development.  Consumers buying local hardwoods help keep those forests in forest, instead of being sold and subdivided.

6. Hardwoods offer more variety!  Look at the samples of different wood types on our site and you can see the beauty and quality that hardwoods offer.

7. Think Local First! Just because marketers try to sell bamboo harvested from unregulated plantations in China as “green”, don’t believe the hype!  True North Woods suppliers offer you the “farmers market” model, where you can buy wood grown and milled by your neighbors!

8. Wood’s “Organic”. Just as produce can be certified organic to give you confidence in where it’s coming from, you can buy Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC) Certified wood from many of our members. This process ensures that wood is supplied from well-managed forest which are being taken care of, and will be there for years to come.

9. Wood is good for LEED.  Purchasing locally sourced wood, from 500 mile radius can give you points toward LEED Certification, and FSC ® certified floors, cabinets, and doors can further help.

10. Recycled & Reclaimed. Recycled and reclaimed floors from timber removed from existing buildings is also a great way to recycle wood and add uniqueness to your home or commercial buildings! 

Remember there is no such thing as bamboo hardwood flooring. Bamboo is a grass. It’s a great building material for some things but doesn’t beat sustainable hardwood flooring.

We invite you to browse through our Directory of Wood Flooring Suppliers, and learn what True North Woods’ “wood basket” has to offer! If you take the time to get to know us, you won’t be disappointed!   Click here for the Directory of Wood Floor Suppliers.

To learn more about the variety of species of wood available, visit our wood species page by clicking here. Or view our short webinar on our True North Woods species by clicking here.

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