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True North Woods suppliers provide custom cabinetry, millwork, furniture, green building products, and reclaimed woods to numerous projects across the nation.  Residential and commercial contractors use True North Woods’ certified suppliers for fine-tooled and artfully crafted woodworks while preserving the integrity of natural forests.

True North Woods suppliers utilize wood from well-managed forests, including Forest Stewardship Council certified wood.  A versatile mix of North American trees are used to create unique furniture, millwork, fixtures and other woodcrafts. True North Woods is committed to maintaining the beauty of American woodlands as well as the storied craftsmanship of woodworking.  All listed suppliers use American-made materials and labor to bring you authentic workmanship and top-quality materials. 

Finish your construction project or complete your fine or rustic décor with these sustainable woodcraftsmen.  Find out more on each supplier’s website or contact True North Woods for more information on forestry standards and member listening. 

1-Butternut Character

Primary Uses Paneling, millwork cabinets, furniture, veneer, carving, component parts.
Traits Coarse-grained, compact structure; moderately soft; hearwood light gray-brown; sapwood nearly white.

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Accurate Millwork LLC.
Accurate Millwork LLC.
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1-Aspen Clear
1-Aspen Clear
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