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The MWC is an association of suppliers of Minnesota produced wood and forests-based products.

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Membership is open to forstland owners and forest-based primary and secondary producers/manufacturers, artisans and craftsmen, home-based businesses and artists, wholesalers and retailers, and individauls or organizations that support the mission of the MWC.  To join the MWC, call 1-888-223-5609, use the Contact page, use the supporter box below, or review the MWC Association Brochure.


The organization is guided by experienced officers and a board of directors with decades of experience in the forest-based industries of northern Minnesota. The current officers and directors are: President, John Baumann, Bemidji Millworks; Treasurer, John Beltman, J.W. Beltman Woodworking; Recorder, Tom Chatfield, Fallsburg Woodworking. Directors: John A. Rajala, Rajala Companies; Tim Worms, Woodmax, LLC; Mike Legatt, Viking Log Furniture; Neil Stecker, Custom Creations; David Hozza, Old Globe Reclaimed Wood Company; Brenda Wiener, Down to Earth Wood. This organization is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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Aitkin Hardwoods
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1-Oak White Clear
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