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Highest quality 100% recycledd timbers, flooring and millwork.


 Exterior. Timbers from 100% recycled Douglas fir, redwood and heart pine.

Interior. Timbers, flooring and millwork.

Distribution. Local, regional, national and international.


FSC. Certification Code SCS-COC-002432C. The company is a member of the True North Certified Forest Products Network.


For 30 years, Duluth Timber has supplied reclaimed wood to craftmen, architects and homeowners across North America. Our reclaimed timbers, flooring and other vintage wood products are salvaged from warehouses and factories, trestles and trank stock throughout the USA -- our "industrial forest".


Duluth, MN and Edison, WA.


1- BUILDING PROD. WOOD, 1A* Envelope Products, 1a-Lumber, 1a-Lumber Boards, 1a-Lumber Reclaimed, 1a-Timbers, 1C* Interior Products, 1c-Flooring, 1c-Flooring Engineered, 1c-Flooring Reclaimed, 1c-Flooring Solid, 1c-Flooring T&G, 1c-Millwork, 1c-Millwork Architectural, 6a-Reclaimed Wood, 7- LOCAL PROD. LEED, 7-Mn,Wi,Chi,Ia,Sd,Nd,Mb, 8- CERTIFIED / MEMBER, 8-Certified FSC, 8-Mbr True North FSC Netwk



1-Pine Red Norway, 1-Pine White Eastern, 1-Reclaimed, 2-OTHER WOOD SPECIES, Cypress, Douglas Fir, Pine Southern, Reclaimed Wood, Redwood

Contact Information
Key Contact Peter Krieger
Address P.O. Box 16717
Duluth, MN 55816
Phone 218-727-2145
Email info(at)duluthtimber(dot)com
Fax 218-727-0393
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