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Woodmax is a custom wood products manufacturer specializing in hand crafted, custom wood doors and specialty millwork for the residential and commercial markets. We combine old world craftsmanship with the latest in technology. Our craftsmen take pride in every door they create, and it show in the finished product. Our attention to detail results in a level of product quality that is truly unparalleled in the marketplace. In addition, our outstanding customer service also distinguishes us in the industry. We offer the highest level of personal service on every order we produce. Everything is custom and made to order, ensuring our customers will get exactly what they want. Woodmax specializes in artistic doors using the latest techniques in 2 and 3 dimensional designs. With our nationally renowned hand carvers, we can create beautiful 3-D relief carvings. We can also provide designs using intarsia, inlays, engraving, and more. Our doors are as unique and finely crafted as your home!


Every WoodMax product is manufactured to the highest quality levels, meeting and exceeding all industry standards such as AWI and WDMA. You may choose from standard product designs, or let us know what your design ideas are, and we will create an original masterpiece for you. Whether you are looking for a raised panel door or a door with a custom carving or inlay, a door for your home or your business, WoodMax can provide it to you. We manufacture interior doors, exterior doors, sidelights, transoms, and more, for both residential and commercial applications.

Envelope. Exterior Doors. The entry to your home makes a statement not only about your home, but about who you are. Whether rustic or elegant, subtle or bold, large or small, you can have the entry that you want. A Woodmax entrance will welcome you and your visitors with a long lasting and outstanding impression of beauty and quality, increase the value of your home and provide many years of enjoyment. Because Woodmax is a custom manufacturer, virtually any entrance configuration is available. Some of the more common configurations are: door only, door with 1 or 2 sidelights, door with transom and sidelight(s), and radius top door and/or transom. All configurations are available pre-hung in matching, solid wood jamb, or manufactured to fit into an existing jamb. Exterior pre-hang includes the following: solid wood, exterior jamb; any jamb width available; all brass, heavy duty, ball bearing hinges in a variety of finish colors; adjustable aluminum sill in a variety of finishes; complete weatherstripping, installed; double rabbeted jamb for storm door configurations; pre-fitting of door into jamb prior to shipping to ensure proper tolerances; pre-machining for all hinges and lockset hardware.

Interior. Interior Doors. The design of your interior doors should complement and enhance the interior design of your home. Woodmax doors achieve this in an unparalleled manner due to our ability to provide custom door styles, as well as our unique option to add artistic touches through hand carvings, engravings and inlays. We can carry any design element from your home’s interior onto your doors and tie the design together in a way no one else can. We can also use custom wood types to match your interior millwork or cabinets. Interior pre-hang includes the following: solid wood, interior jamb; any jamb width available; all brass, heavy duty, ball bearing hinges in a variety of finish colors; pre-fitting of door into jamb prior to shipping to ensure proper tolerances; pre-machining for all hinges and lockset hardware.

Services. Some of the other services and related products we provide are: pre-hanging - any door, sidelight or transom can be delivered pre-hung in solid wood jambs to match the wood species of the door; hardware - residential or commercial, including hinges, latchsets, exit devices, sills, sweeps and complete weather-stripping; pre-finishing - either interior or exterior, using premium grade products that will bring out the beauty of the natural wood while preserving it for many years to come; glass - single or thermal pane, clear, textured with a wide variety of designs, and custom stained glass; machining for hardware - from a simple cylindrical lockset to concealed vertical rod exit devices, we can machine for virtually any hardware you select; installation - we can provide installation services for any of our products, or we can work with your contractor to make the installation smooth and trouble free.

Local Materials. Most of the wood that goes into our doors is sourced from within a 500 mile radius, as well as from within Minnesota. We also occasionally use lumber from reclaimed timbers.

Distribution. Please contact the company for distribution in your area.


When the expertise of our craftsmen is combined with our latest-in-technology equipment, the result is the capability to produce almost any solid wood product for the door and millwork market. From CNC machining to laminating to re-sawing, and much more, we can produce the parts our customers desire. Our doors are laminated with solid wood on both sides of a high quality plywood core. Woodmax does not use thin veneers or cheap particleboard cores in our doors. This method provides superior stability and strength compared to two layers of solid wood, while avoiding the peeling, chipping and delaminating often associated with thin veneers. State of the art equipment combined with the highest quality tooling creates precision machined cope and stick profiles that allow the best possible bonds between glued surfaces. When coupled with our 4” long hardwood dowels, an exceptionally strong joint is created, and this provides truly long lasting quality. You may not be able to see all these outstanding quality features of our construction methods, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing they are there, and will be reminded of it by the solid, heavy feel of the door every time you use it.


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