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Your complete source for quality interior paneling, interior trim, exterior trim, exterior siding, wood flooring, and additional products. Local, regional, and national service.


Envelope. Exterior wood siding including log, custom log, lap, drop, and Colly Varden. Exterior trim including corner boards and window trim that complements your exterior siding and gives your project that finished touch. Other exterior products include treated lumber, treated plywood, cedar products, and heavy timbers.

Interior. Paneling including tongue-and-grove, half-log, and other patterns that achieves that perfect look. The interior wood trim and molding line continues to grow and is popular with cabinetmakers and finished carpenters -- knotty pine moldings are our specialty. Nothing compares to the warmth of beautiful hardwood floor flooring. We offer quality wood flooring options, and we can custom mill you own lumber. In addition, we can copy the profile for which you are looking and have a great selection of species from which to choose.

Outdoor & Other Products. Treated lumber, treated plywood, cedar products, heavy timbers

Services. Custom milling of your lumber.

Local Materials. The majority of our wood products are produced from local, native wood species.

Distribution. Local, regional, national. Retail, contractors.


Home owners and builders alike know the importance of a beautiful finish for your new construction or remodeling project. At Bemidji Millworks we specialize in providing the quality products that make this happen. We mill our own knives in-house, so we have the ability to match any wood molding style you need. No matter what the style or age of the molding, our state-of-the-art Weining Molder allows us to perform precision milling that you don't find at the average lumber yard. We specialize in small and specialty orders. Since lumber and millwork is our only business, we are deeply knowledgeable about our wood species and their applications and can source and order any wood species in any quantity you need. We care that you get a quality product at competitive price, and we strive to achieve that goal. We offer quality products and individual service that you box store or typical lumber yard cannot deliver.


True North Woods. We offer True North Woods certified product that are produced from materials harvested from the sustainably managed forests of northern Minnesota. We seek to source all of our materials from suppliers that support sustainability.


Began as a hobby, today Bemidji Millworks has grown from performing secondary manufacturing for wholesalers into a full-service supplier of lumber products to the retail market, lumber yards, and wholesale markets.

*Click Arrow for List, 1- BUILDING PROD. WOOD, 1A* Envelope Products, 1a-Lumber, 1a-Lumber Framing, 1a-Lumber Treated, 1a-Siding, 1a-Siding Log, 1a-Timbers, 1C* Interior Products, 1c-Flooring, 1c-Flooring Prefinished, 1c-Flooring Solid, 1c-Flooring T&G, 1c-Millwork, 1c-Millwork Architectural, 1c-Millwork Moldings, 1c-Paneling, 1c-Paneling Solid, 3c-Logs, 6- UNIQUE WOOD SERVICE, 6b-Custom Sawing, 6b-Other Services, 7- LOCAL PROD. LEED, 7-Mn,Wi,Chi,Ia,Sd,Nd,Mb, 8-Certified TrueNorthWoods



*Click Arrow for List, 1 -MN WOOD SPECIES, 1-Ash, 1-Ash Black, 1-Ash Black Character, 1-Ash Black Clear, 1-Aspen, 1-Aspen Clear, 1-Basswood, 1-Basswood Character, 1-Basswood Clear, 1-Birch, 1-Birch White, 1-Birch White Character, 1-Birch White Clear, 1-Birch White Heart / Red, 1-Cedar White, 1-Cedar White Character, 1-Cedar White Clear, 1-Maple, 1-Maple Hard Sugar, 1-Maple Hard Sugar Brown, 1-Maple Hard Sugar Character, 1-Maple Hard Sugar Clear, 1-Oak, 1-Oak Bur, 1-Oak Bur Character, 1-Oak Bur Clear, 1-Oak Northern Red, 1-Oak Northern Red Character, 1-Oak Northern Red Clear, 1-Oak Northern Red Mineral, 1-Pine, 1-Pine Red Norway, 1-Pine Red Norway Character, 1-Pine Red Norway Clear, 1-Pine White Eastern, 1-Pine White Eastern Character, 1-Pine White Eastern Clear, 1-Tamarack, 1-Tamarack Character, 1-Tamarack Clear

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Phone 218-751-0084
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