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Rustic furniture, canoes, kayaks, and guitars. Every Squeedunk product is hand-made and uniquely beautiful, inspired by the creativity of the artisan, and a functional work of art.


*Voyageur Collection of Rustic Furniture. Many of the details of the collection are inspired by the grand canoes of the fur trade era and feature accents of birch bark and split spruce lacing. End tables and night stands have laced birch wood side panels and come with or without a canoe basket drawer constructed as a section of a birch bark canoe. The wine stewards, for example, hold 16 bottles andhave a canoe basket drawer for accessories. The chairs and settees are constructed of seats and backs formed from bent cedar canor rib slats. Other products include dining tables, bar stools, sofas, mirrors, beds, lamps, coat racks, children's furniture, accessories, and special order pieces.

*Voyageur Kayaks & Canoes. The classis 27-foot Voyageur birch bark canoe constructed for the French Boreal Confluence Expedition in Husdon By in 2002 is an exmpale of the skilled craftsmanship of the Squeedunk-build canoes. The kayaks are of wood/epoxy construction.

*G&M Guitars. Finely crafted acoustic guitars are crafte to the customers specifications.


The Squeedunk artisans can customize any product to satisfy your preferences. The structural components of the furniture are made from northern Minnesota hardwood saplings and finished with a satin wipe-on polyurethane for esay care and durability and to bring out the subtle character of the wood. The furniture features sturdy mortise and tenon joinery, glued together for a lasting fit. The following five distinctive varieties of wood are used: flamewood (skip-peeled alder), old ironwood, mountina maple, dogwood, and driftwood (sap-pelled hard maple).

The company's products were awarded Best of Show at the 2007 Goods from the Woods UpNorth Marketplace.


Squeedunk's True North Woods certified products include furniture, canoes, and guitars. The woods use in the products are sustainably grown and harvested. All the woods in the furniture and caones come from northern Minnesota. The woods in the guitars are primarily from northern Minnesota depending on the individual guitar.

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Key Contact Grant E. Goltz
Address 1062 Bungey Bay Ln NW
Hackensack, MN 56452
Phone 218-682-2110
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