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Protect Door manufactures and supplies the most secure and effective doors in the industry. The products offer the peace of mind that comes from effective protection of building inhabitants from gunfire and radiation. All the doors from Protect Door are offered in an endless variety of veneer finishes to effectively and unobtrusively work with any interior design requirements.

Bullet Resistant Doors

The company's level 1, 2 & 3 bullet resistant doors have been tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories to carry the UL label so you can be confident the door will perform should the need ever arise. they also manufacture non labeled bullet resistant doors up to level 8.

Lead Lined Doors

The company's lead lined doors are manufactured utilizing “Chemical Grade” lead shielding that is produced in accordance with Federal Specification QQL-201F(2) with shielding thicknesses up to ½″ available. Our lead lined doors are also available with fire ratings up to 60 minutes. The lead used in manufacturing meets Federal Specification QQ-L-201F Grade C which is 99.9% pure. The stiles are 1 3/8" overall thickness with a 7/8" hardwood outer edge that matches the thick veneer face. The stiles and rails are bonded to a LD2 particleboard core conforming to ANSI A 208.1 1. All doors meet or exceed WDMA/AWI quality standards. Protect Door strictly follows all governmental and environmental regulations during the manufacturing process. All doors are also available factory machined for hardware, and with a TR-6 UV cured factory finished in clear, standard or custom color.

Oversized Doors

Oversized Doors can be manufactured up to 60″ wide and 144″ long to facilitate your building design whether a feeling of grandeur is desired or large openings are required to improve flow of people or materials.


Protect Door offers a broad spectrum of veneer products and specializes in sketch and blueprint veneer faces for the door and furniture industry. The mission is to produce high quality veneer faces with leadtimes measured in days, not weeks. Whether the job is small or large, we are able to service your needs. Many species of domestic and exotic veneers, in a variety of cuts, are in stock and ready to be spliced into faces.


Protect Door was established in February of 2010. However, the principal has over 30 years of door manufacturing experience. Protect Door uses lean manufacturing principles along with innovative processes during the manufacturing of radiation shielding doors in its new facility located in Spencer Wisconsin. This allows Protect Door to keep costs low, but still maintain the fastest leadtimes in the industry on lead lined doors.


FSC-COC; FSC-C019842. UL.

1- BUILDING PROD. WOOD, 1c-Doors, 1c-Millwork Moldings, 1c-Veneer Panels, 8-Certified FSC, 8-Certified TrueNorthWoods, 8-Mbr True North FSC Netwk



1-Birch, 1-Cherry Black, 1-Hickory, 1-Maple, 1-Oak, 1-Oak Northern Red, 1-Oak White, 1-Walnut Black, Alder, Beech, Cedar Red, Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Mahogany, Teak

Contact Information
Key Contact Gary Johnson
Address PO Box 158
Spencer, WI 54479
Phone 715-659-4094
Fax 715-659-4309
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