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White Cedar Shingles & Lumber manufactures and supplies high-quality Eastern white cedar products to customers worldwide.


Building. Shingles and shakes, including kiln dried, that range from 18 inches with 1/2 inch butt to 24 inch with 3/4 inch butt or can be custom produced to your specifications. Timbers and beams. Lumber for siding, railings, and trim. Logs for homes that are straight and long (up to 45 feet) and have diameters up to 3 feet. Decking and rails at 5/4 inch and 6/4 inch thickness.

Other. Lumber for fencing. Logs for furniture. Landscape mulch.

Benefits of Eastern White Cedar. The species requires no finishing treatment or maintenance and is naturally resistant to insects, moisture, mold, rot, and decay. The species acquires an even silver-grey patina, or it can be stained or painted with superior penetration and without blotching.

Local Materials. All raw materials are sourced from Northern Minnesota.

Distribution. Products are shipped nationally and internationally.

1- BUILDING PROD. WOOD, 1A* Envelope Products, 1a-Beams, 1a-Logs for Homes, 1a-Lumber, 1a-Shingles/Shakes, 1a-Siding, 1a-Timbers, 1a-Trim Exterior, 1c-Railings, 1d-Decking, 1d-Log Accents, 3b-Fencing, 3c-Landscape Mulch, 3c-Logs, 7-Mi,IL,In,Mo,Ka,Ne, 7-Mn,Wi,Chi,Ia,Sd,Nd,Mb


1 -MN WOOD SPECIES, 1-Cedar, 1-Cedar White, 1-Cedar White Character, 1-Cedar White Clear

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