Image: BW-interior3.jpgReclaimed Lumber, Recycled Lumber, Antique Wood, or Barnwood,
It’s Yours to Create With!

Reclaimed building materials, from old houses and barns can add a rustic and unique touch to your home or business.  These reclaimed boards and reclaimed timbers
feature the tight grain and straight form of trees that are no longer harvested in the northwoods. 

Explore the directory of producers below who provide recycled and reclaimed woods, and see how you can use their unique woods to make your next project really “pop”! Click here for the Directory of Reclaimed Wood Suppliers.

From beautiful Chestnut lumber, from a tree no longer in our forests, to time-worn oak and wide-plank pine flooring, with reclaimed wood your construction, remodel, or furniture project will be as unique as a snowflake, but far more lasting! Barn beams, milled from ancient forests that covered the northwoods hundreds of years ago, are often piled and burned with the barn boards.  Lost to the generations.

By supporting local craftspeople reclaiming this timber, beams, board, and flooring, you can help preserve a bit of northwoods history and use quality wood that is unique and unrivaled by current timber.

Reclaimed wood floors, using reclaimed flooring from old houses or even barn siding, can provide a unique look and almost nostalgic feel to many projects.  With so much “glitz and glitter” in the world today, a reclaimed oak flooring can be a breath of fresh air.

The lumber used in past centuries was from old, even ancient, trees with straight, tight grain.  This gives a
unique look, as well as greater durability. These woods already have stood up to generations of wear, and will be here long after today’s “green gimmick” building materials.

If you want the rustic wood look in your next project, consider purchasing salvaged wood, be it old barnwood, antique flooring, recycled lumber from structures, or timber frames.  Wood furniture, and even simple reclaimed wood shelves can provide a great accent.

To learn more about the variety of species of wood available, click here. Or view our short webinar on our True North Woods species by clicking here.

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